PC-ACE Version 4.6 Upgrade Available

The PC-ACE version 4.6 upgrade is now available for download from the CEDI Web site www.ngscedi.com under PC-ACE. The link to this page is: www.ngscedi.com/pcace

Start the upgrade by clicking the blue button which reads PC-ACE Software Downloads. This will redirect you to the PC-ACE Download Page.  You will need to enter your CEDI Trading Partner ID, Requestor's Name, ZIP Code, and E-mail Address. Select the radio button for the "PC-ACE Software - Upgrade version 4.6" and the "Submit Request" button to begin the download process.

Note: The installation code needed for running the upgrade will be sent to the E-mail address entered on the download page.

An Upgrade Instructions for PC-ACE document is available on the CEDI Web site to assist you with upgrading the software.

Version 4.6 includes the following updates:

  • Updated code list for the Provider Specialty Code Reference File
  • Updated code list for the HCPCS Codes
  • Updated code list for the HCPCS Code Modifiers

For more information about the changes, review the PC-ACE Newsletter for PC-ACE Release 4.6 Professional.  To view the newsletter, select Release Newsletters and User's Guides located on the CEDI Web site under PC-ACE Documentation.

If you have any questions or need assistance in downloading the PC-ACE Upgrade from the CEDI Web site, please contact the CEDI Help Desk at ngs.cedihelpdesk@anthem.com or at 866-311-9184.

Post Date: 04/06/2020