Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Now Available Through the CEDI Claims Portal!

CEDI is pleased to announce the ability to download the X12 835 v5010A1 Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) has been added to the CEDI Claims Portal (CCP).  The CCP provides Medicare Durable Equipment (DME) suppliers the ability to submit claims and now download their ERA without the use of a Network Service Vendor (NSV).

To use the CEDI Claims Portal (CCP) for claims and/or ERA, you must complete enrollment forms on the CEDI Web site at https://enroll.ngscedi.com/cedienrollment. Current CCP users will need to complete the enrollment forms to add the ability to download the ERA.

NOTE:  The Trading Partner ID with which the CEDI Claims Portal (CCP) User is associated must be enrolled and setup to receive the X12 835 ERA in order for the CCP User to download the ERA.

The X12 835 ERA provided through the CCP will require software to translate, read, and print the file. CMS offers the free Medicare Remit Easy Print program available for download through the link on the CEDI Web site at www.ngscedi.com/mrep.

More information regarding the CCP and how to enroll are located on the CEDI Web site under Self-Service Tools, on the CEDI Claims Portal page at the following link www.ngscedi.com/claims. For additional information or assistance, please contact the CEDI Help Desk at ngs.cedihelpdesk@anthem.com or at 866-311-9184.

Post Date: 07/22/2021